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Weird Pump Behind Knee/Leg Imbalance


Hello all. I have a weird pump behind my right knee, closer to the hamstring side than the calve side. It doesn't hurt and it isn't always there it's just as if I can feel it more than the left. It sometimes comes and goes throughout the day however it pretty prominent between my squat sets. If I were to place it on a specific muscle I would put it around the lower semimembranosus/semitendinosus area.

For reference:

-My left quad is tighter than my right. If I do high rep leg work the pump in the left quad is greater.

-I haven't noticed any difference is my hamstring tightness/stretchiness, but it might be possible that my right hamstring is tighter than my left.

-My left calve is tighter than my right.

There is no difference in size in my legs.

Is it possible that I'm just feeling one muscle more than the other? Is it a neuro-muscular issue?

What kind of stretching/rolling should I do to fix this imbalance? I FEEL as if I should be stretching my hamstrings/calves although how would I specifically stretch that part of my leg? Any hamstring stretch I do I feel in my upper hamstrings.


you are a little vague but if it doesn’t hurt i really don’t get what the big deal is. it could possibly just be a muscle twitch. I am not really sure what you mean by ‘pump’, if you just mean a muscle pump or more of a vascular pump. I think you are possibly just feeling the popiteal pulse.