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Weird Pullup?


hey guys ino this might sound like a weird question but please read on lolz
in my shower i have a sort of bar thing thats strong enough to support my body weight i was just wondering if i could do like a set of max pullups and chinups each time i have a shower.
i currently do a push pull legs routine
push- thurs
just wondering if id get any benefits from doing this say thurs-fri-sat-sun so its not near pull day??


Go for it.

Dunno if going to failure is good but high frequency is the way to go.

In my brothers house he has a chin bar on his kitchen door so every time Im over there I crank out some chins. Only thing is I dont want to get an imbalance so I do some extra push ups throughout the week as well.

BTW chin bars are dirt-cheap, no need to pull down yer bathroom!!