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Weird Psychological Effects on Cycle?

Hello fellas

I’m currently taking 100mg test prop EOD and 60mg a day Tbol, I’m on TRT and this is a short 6 week blast, I’ve been taking a very small dose of AI with each shot, I over respond to Arimidex and take 1/10th of 1mg twice per week with my usual 2 x 50mg shots of test E when on TRT, so to play it safe as not to crash my E2 I’ve just been taking 1/10th with each 100mg shot, which I’m thinking now may be too low.

I’m 3 weeks in and the past few days my mind set has become very unusual, feelings of anxiety, jealousy and a feeling of neediness in my relationship, I’m usually not like this , usually I’m confident and content in my day to day life, could this be a high E2 issue? Or low E2?

No itchy nipples, a small amount of water retention, could be salt related too, mostly psychological sides thus far

Thanks for the help

Just read this and got some insight - Retroactive Jealousy on Test/Deca, Help