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Weird Problem: Pelvic Pressure

I used to do DB shoulder presses with my back slanted and throwing the weight up. I started to do it right with my entire back against the pad, back 90 degrees straight, lowered the weight, and started to isolate the delts to move the weight up.

Problem is, i started getting pressure on my pelvic muscles…the area between the scrotum and anus. It was a werid orgasmic type feel so I though it was psychological. I kept lifting and I got a sharp pressure around the area.

Now i got groin pains and im waiting to see the doctor.
Since Shoulder press is a compound excerise, was it a mistake that I tried to isolate the delts to lift the weight? Again, if i just threw the weight up, i got no problem. But when i strained using just the delts, i got the feeling.

Now I have no idea what went wrong here. Has this ever happend to you guys? It also happens on upright rows or reverse flys and usualy during the higher reps when im mentally and physically straining. I’m beginning to think it may be psychological.

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Well im going to tell the doc but i have a feeling he is going to give me a wtf look. its a possible hernia and all i did was strain to lift 30lb DB using only the delts lol.