Weird Pec Problem

I’ve been having a weird pec problem recently where it just starts to swell up/tighten with certain movements. It’s my right pec around the armpit area. When doing things such as benching, taking a slapshot, throwing,etc it tightens and swells a little. There is absolutely no pain, no bruising and it hasn’t seemed to affect my strength level at all so I’m convinced it’s not a tear or strain. I’ve rested it for a couple weeks, stretched it, rolled it, iced it, etc and it still seems to flare up once in awhile. I’m on vacation now but if it continues to be like this for a couple weeks I’ll take it to the doc. Any thoughts T-Nation?

Any chance that it’s some sort of spasm?

Are you sure it’s the pec and not serratus?

edit: try this maybe?

It’s higher up then the serratus but it’s worth a try since everything’s connected somehow. Thank you.

It’s likely the chest then… try this?