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Weird PCT Symptoms


Stats: 24y/o 176cm, 92kg 14%Bf, power-lifting 6 years. 2ndish cycle. first one was a PH msten 20/20/20/20/20 with a testbase. PCT was nolva for that and it was shit. Kept 70% of my gains though I trained really hard and pushed through the PCT with good diet.

I was meant to run Tren-A 350p/w and test-P 245p/w with E/D injections but my source fucked up and sent me test-C instead, so I had to preload 3weeks Test-C @250 a week and added the Tren in at week 3.

Cycle gains were good, all my lifts went up and I actually kept a deficit of about 500Kcal yet I did not drop anyweight and instead my body re-comped and I got a lot stronger.

I ran the tren 8.5 weeks and at week 5/6 I actually switched to test-P as the re-ship came and I wanted to start PCT faster. On cycle I took an AI PES ERASE PRO 1 pill E3D.

Tren could of been very underdosed. it was from a very reliable source but the brand that made it had mixed reviews. I did get insomina, aggression, shorter temper but not tren cough, no night sweats.

ANYWAY: my last jab was 22nd of May and today is the 30th. I definitely feel shutdown and less motivated but I'm smashing the weights at the gym and lifting heavy and eating at least 300 over maintenance, just pushing through the PCT like last time.

NOHOMO: Whats weird is my ball size is already coming back normal and since day 1 of PCT I am still able to get erections, and ejaculate etc get horny watching porn, actually I've still been masturbating every day since PCT. I have clomid and Nolva on hand but I have decided not to run them this time as they make me depressed AF. I am taking DAA, and mens libido support (tribulus, zma, horny goat weed etc) and the ERASE PRO 1pill ED. Also taking cycle support.

I am getting bloods done this week- is it even possible that my HPTA is already started up and recovering? Obv im not as horny as on cycle and I can still feel the less energy (lethargy) through out the day but I am just curious that is all.


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but seriously: don't worry about it. Some people find PCT a breeze, others aren't so lucky.


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In case you missed my actual serious reply above: don't worry about it. PCTs can be pretty easy sometimes


hahaha allgood bro. Nah got a delayed response. yeah I'm aware of that it will obv take some time to get back to 100%, and I only really like to cycle once a year I have no issues training natty, I know some guys have issues not training on gear but I love powerlifting and its easy for me.


yeah I don't cycle that much either.

I would still run a low dose of Nolva anyway. It's more likely the clomid made you depressed, so do like 20mg of nolva a day for a few weeks just to be on the safe side.


Nah I didnt run clomid last time. I ran nolva 20/10/10/10 and it got me depressed as FUCK. I got nolva on hand. No gyno symptoms and AI is taking care of E2. I feel a little better everyday. I'm getting bloods 2 weeks in should be interesting.


Seems more likely you got depressed from a rough shutdown rather than the Nolva. Correlation is not causation.