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Weird Pain on Bench Pressing

hey guys just had a question
OK so when ever i bench i get a slight pain that only targets my right shoulder iv adjusted grips weight form etc foam rolled stretched talked to a few physios etc.

now the weird thing is that i don’t get pain in the shoulder doing anything else except for flat bench.
heavy shoulders and all movements, all chest movements, dumbbell pressing, incline fly’s dips all don’t flare it up
back, pull ups rows etc nothing and legs nothing

so im wondering why is this happening and any prevention’s? i haven’t benched in 2 months cause im progressing by using other movements anyway but just wanted to know if anyone has been through a similar situation


Does it also occur when using dumbbells? If you can still do incline bench and other exercises just fine, focus on them. No reason to do regular flat benching if you are not going to compete in it.

nope like the slightest little feeling but that goes away with warming up and dosent really affect me lifting or contracting etc like its only literally just flat bench press.
and iv been training for a few years came from a powerlifting background and now last year and half been aiming for bodybuilding which i will compete in eventually but like it sucks that the bench which is like that nice heavey upper body lift that i cant do

I have the same exact thing. I gave up on flat benching earlier this year. It’s either I give up playing baseball or benching. I don’t plan on competing in powerlifting so it’s an easy choice.

If you really like flat benching, you could try throwing a 45lb plate under the bench (either side) and see if that works. It changes the position enough to not hurt my shoulder.

I also come from a powerlifting background but have gravitated more towards bodybuilding after a back injury. Without the big arch, 100% of my flat barbell benching goes straight to my front delts and nothing else, so I have given up on that entirely. I use very slight incline benching both barbell and smith machine and seated barbell benching as my main upper body lifts.

haha ya guys might have a play around with an adjustable flat bench put it on a slight incline and see what happens
but fuuny story i had a back injury and aswell which made me diverge to bodybuilding haha and tbh i think im more set our for body building but thanks for the tip guys i just wana know wat the under lying problem is