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Weird Pain in Middle of Chest


I've had this pain in my chest the last couple of weeks. Feels like it's in the sternum; it's directly in the middle of the chest between the two pec muscles. The only thing I've done different that I think could have caused it is that I have shoveled a hell of a lot of snow lately.

The weird thing is if I put my hands out in front of me palm-to-palm and squeeze my pecs there isn't much pain at all. But other movements hurt badly; for example, if I put my hands on the rails going down the stairs to support my weight, it hurts. It's gotten a little bit better; at first it hurt to even take a big breath.

Anyone have any ideas on what's going on here?


Costochondritis is my best guess.


Thanks; sounds like a good guess.

"Costochondritis usually goes away on its own and is short-lived, although in some cases it may last for several months or longer."

I'm hoping I'm not the "several months or longer" case.


Gentle thoracic mobility drills, ice, anti-inflammatories (either IBU or holistic with tumeric/curcumin, fish oil, etc) should all help with recovery.


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Does this mean it could be dislocated? Who do I go to for this? A chiro or my family doc?


Thanks. Would Glucosamine and Chondroitin help with this issue?


It certainly won't hurt.

And in regards to going to a chiro or family practitioner, don't go to a family practitioner. A chiro or osteopath will be your best bet. Basically, somebody who can mobilize and/or manipulate the joint will be able to help release it if that is the case you have.


i had the same thing you know when the pain is present and yes pressing your hands together and flexing your chest doesnt help one simple way to get rid of it

pop it do a sternum pop have your hands on ur waist then thrust ur chest(ribcage) up and forward while retracting your back shoulder blades

trust me the pain itself is not that bad but you know its there do the pop and you will feel sooo much better