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Weird Nausea the Day After Training

Hi All, this query is technically not an injury or rehab, but thought that it fits best here…

I have just gotten back to the iron after a relatively long lay off. I have just started testing maximum training weight so that I can make use of one of CT’s programs.

Now, because of neural fatigue and general malaise (that I hope the training will improve) I am taking it “easy” whilst getting back into things.

To summarise, before using CT’s program in full swing, I am testing my MTW by warming up doing the specific movement and working up to MTW using sets of 3 reps with rest as needed in order to be able to perform the next set.

The workouts feel great and I am happy to be back at it. As mentioned above concerning my fatigue, I am listening to my body and if I am “not up to it” I would skip the workout that day. So far, I have managed days 1&2 in a row, taken a day off, day 3, taken a day off and tomorrow would (hopefully) be day 4.

What I have experienced this time round is this weird nausea, the day after exercise…not after the workout, but the next day only.

Diet is on point.

Is this just my body not being used to the exercise this time round, would it be a nutritional problem or something deeper?

Any thoughts?

Thanks peeps.