Weird Motivations

This is SORTA on topic of training. The other night I come home to find my girlfriend wearing my testosterone shirt. My reponse was, jokingly, to get it off because she didn’t deserve to wear it (she’s quite a bit overweight - still beautiful to me, but it bugs the crap out of me that she doesn’t exercise). Apparently this has motivated her to start working out - just so she can wear my testosterone shirt! God bless T-mag, because I am craving for the return of the AikiVixen. Anyway, I guess the moral of the story is either “Chicks are Weird” or “Motivation comes from the strangest places”!

Women are definitely weird, complex creatures. But hey, whatever works bro! So whip your vixen into shape!

Aikigreg if you’d like I can give her one of my special speaches :slight_smile: I’m teasin :wink:

Nate - whip her into shape with WHAT, exactly? I could always give her advice from the dogg pound and tell her to lose weight by “eating more pussy.” The only thing is, she might like it TOO much. :slight_smile:

Roman - I might take you up on that someday :). I'm sorry I busted your balls before. Your post didn't come across as "tough love" the first time, so I took it the wrong way. I gots nuthin but love for ya, brutha.

Lead by example. Although, eating more pussy is always a good idea. This means she can (or you can) invite another lady to the house. This could make for many fun games!