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Weird Mid-Back Pain...

for the last few months I’ve had this weird pain in my middle back. It’s not really even pain, it’s just uncomfortable really almost like a pulled or sore muscle. The weird part is that the part that’s uncomfortable moves from day to day. It’s usually just to the right of my spine, like almost on my spine, in the middle of my back. But some of the time it actually feels like my spine is what’s uncomfortable. Still other times it’s just to the left of my spine.

It varies in intensity, I’ll go a few days without noticing it, then other days, like today it was messing up my workout because it was distracting me.

Here’s what HASN’T worked in making it feel better: Evaluating and adjusting my form on deads, squats, everything. Benching seems to exacerbate the problem the most. A scheduled week off occurred about a month ago, and that didn’t fix it either. My old mattress was in pretty crappy condition, so I got a new one about 6 weeks ago, that didn’t help either. Walking around doesn’t help either.

What HAS worked, albeit temporarily: If I run for a few miles on a treadmill my back doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all for the rest of the day, although the next morning it’s back to being annoying.

Does this sound like ANYTHING you guys have heard of before? The fact that the uncomfortable area moves around is weirding me out.

something else: When I lay down at night if my legs are straight, it feels worse, if I curl them up into me, it feels much better