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Weird Lower Back Trouble


I've been on this three week cycle program that incorporates quite a bit of power/compound movements like, cleans, deads, squat, Romanian deads, etc. And my lower back has been progressively getting more and more sore. It got to the point were i couldn't even jog without having trouble.

But last Friday was leg day, and me being a dumb-ass decided to go and do deep squats. i worked up to 225 and, on my 8th rep, had this crazy pain in my lower back. So i racked the weight (with much difficulty) and left. An hour later i'm totally fine. No back trouble this week at all! I was thinking something must have been out of place and i knocked it back. Or i pinched a nerve. Any explanations or related stories?


Well if you are working your way up to squatting 225..you probably are somewhat of a bigger and your form is off.

When I was squatting around 300 I was forcing my 4 rep and my form got real bad coming out the hole. I stopped immediately, but the next day I couldn't move and the pain was worse.

Day after was fine...proally a pinched nerve
See how you feel tomorrow.

Also if you keep squats and deadlifts a few days apart it be better for your lower back.


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I would just ease off the weight a good amount, work on getting your form exact. I mean that's what I would do. When I go in and my lowerback stiffens up real bad and can't really push it. I'll make my workouts more productive e.g. work on form, get some mobility drills in, do alot of foam rolling.

How are your glutes firing? I know if your lowerback feels like it's taking more punishment then it should you might need to acknowledge your glutes/hamstrings aren't compensating enough thus putting more strain then necessary on your lowerback. big strong ass/hammies = bigger weights


when i got up to 225, for the last two reps, my form was pretty bad. I ended up bending forwards a little bit, which was the cause of the back troule. The pain actually originated at my lower back the shot down to my hammies. This happened last friday, I took the weekend off and by monday i was fine. I'll just watch it and won't sacrifice form for extra reps.