Weird Love Stories- Happy Valentine's Day!

Not that this has anything to do with the following Weird Love Stories, but ever watch those E-Harmony commercials? My hunny always cracks up at them, because in his words, “you can tell these commercials were marketed toward women, because they make the men look all SOFT by dressing them in Sweaters.” (HIS emphasis on SOFT and SWEATERS) Haha. Next time you see the commercials, try taking notice of this.

And BTW, Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Hope your day is filled with LOVE, PASSION, INTIMACY, TOGETHERNESS, AND A SOFT GUY DRESSED IN A SWEATER AND SLACKS!!! Or if you’re a guy, don’t forget to make yourself appear more soft and sensitive by wearing a sweater and slacks! Bwahaha!!!

Man forced to marry four wives in six months

A Saudi man is in hospital after his divorced parents forced him to marry four times within six months.

The battle began when the father insisted the boy should marry a girl from his side of the family.

The mother retaliated by ordering him to wed a girl from her side, reports Arab News quoting Al-Watan daily.

But the father wasn’t happy with the balance of power and insisted on a third wife from his side, to show who was boss.

The mother, not to be outdone, then demanded that her son include another wife from her side of the family.

The son has now been admitted to a hospital for psychological treatment. He is refusing to see his parents or his wives.

(Wonder if Viagra would’ve helped him prevent his breakdown?)

Couple celebrate with 50-year-old tinned chicken

A Manchester couple celebrated 50 years of marriage by eating a tin of chicken they were given on their wedding day.

Les and Beryl Lailey had kept the can, part of a wedding gift hamper, as a memento of their big day in 1956, says the Mirror.

Les vowed not to eat it until their golden wedding anniversary, so whenever they moved home the Buxted chicken went with them.

And when they finally reached the milestone grandad Les, 73, opened the tin - and found the chicken was good as new.

He said: “I had it with some potatoes and veg and it went down a treat. I knew it would be fine. I’ve not felt funny at all.”

Prof Eunice Taylor, a Salford University food safety expert, said: “It can last indefinitely if it has been sealed properly.”

(Canned chicken, is that the same as Chicken of the Sea?)

?24,000 fine for internet sex tape of ex

A jilted lover who sought revenge on his ex by releasing a sex video of her on the internet has been fined ?24,000.

Ferdinand Holzl, 40, from Marburg in Germany, was convicted of criminal insult and trafficking in pornography after posting the video along with the 43-year-old woman’s name, address and phone number.

He was given an 18-month suspended sentence as well as the huge fine.

In sentencing Judge Mirko Schulte from the Marburg county court said: “It’s now technically impossible to delete these files off the internet after you fed her to the voyeurs.”

Love motel for pets

A love motel exclusively for pets has opened in Brazil.

The Pet Love motel, in Sao Paulo, offers decorated rooms for pets to mate.

Las Ultimas Noticias reports that it is aimed at pet owners who are concerned for their animal’s needs.

The rooms in the motel, at Barra Funda, are decorated in the same way as love motels for humans, with satin sheets, ceiling mirrors and lots of cushions.

A Pet Love spokesperson said: “Pets have needs and they also want some excitement.”

(Gives new meaning to the term “Doggy Style”)

Thanks China-
I am printing this up to stick in a card to my husband, too funny! Happy VD to everyone-Jules

[quote]teamstaley wrote:
Thanks China-
I am printing this up to stick in a card to my husband, too funny! Happy VD to everyone-Jules[/quote]

You’re welcomed Jules!!! Make sure your hubby wears a sweater, ok? I’m making my hunny wear one to dinner tonight! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Darn! Forgot the sweater!

Oh well, we had a good day anyway.

[quote]TShaw wrote:
Darn! Forgot the sweater!

Oh well, we had a good day anyway.[/quote]

Well, ok, second to a sweater, nekky nekky is ok on love day!