Weird Looking NPP, What Is This?

So I have had some NPP laying around for about a year. Expiration date is like 2025 so no problems.

However, 3 out of 5 vials look like complete shit, what is this, anyone know?

First, the legit one, this is how they all supposed to look:

This is how the fucked up ones look:

Any idea whats going on here? Just throw em away?

My uneducated guess is it’s crashed. @iron_yuppie would know possibly @wsmwannabe as I believe he’s done a little home brewing

Alright cool, crashed, so what does that mean, can i “fix it” somehow? these fuckers are somewhat expensive

Two things, 1, next time mark out the label, sources and brand are not allowed on here. 2, it looks crashed to me. Leave it in some hot water for a bit and swirl it occasionally. It looks like it crashed pretty hard so it might take quite a bit of time at an elevated temp.