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Weird Looking Abs


Alright im 5'11'' 160. I've been working on my abs and notice that on the right side i can feel the groove where the 3rd and 4th abs separate. On the left side the 3rd ab feels like its merged with the 4th. I can't feel the groove like on the right side. Is this genetic or would you suggest shreading away more ab workouts and all it needs is more time...


Guys really sit around and worry/think like this now?

Your "abs" are ONE muscle group, not several different muscle groups. You will not be changing the shape of a tendon attachment...something you would know if you had even attempted to look at an anatomy chart before logging into a bodybuilding forum.


160 at 5 11", abz, your words are getting really toxic buddy.


Normal variant of the linea semilunaris most likely. Though there's always a chance of malignancy.


My first post was going to be a relation to Chron's disease so while I do get it...now, I didn't post that because if someone is clueless enough to ask this question, they might also believe it.


Completely normal. Just tendon placement. NOTHING you can do.


Its all I could think about for months on end...... Quit the harshness... I was curious as to know what the problem was. thanks for your input everyone :slightly_smiling:


It might just be a rib.


at your height and weight, im surprised you have any muscle there at all. Go eat.




just a thought. people don't like it when others ask about their "hawt abz" around here. e careful or Prof. X might teleport through time and kill you in the past. He's good like that.


It's just genetics,
the strata seperation is different from one person to the next,
many are not symmetrical,you don't need to look at an anatomy book,
just compare several pics of very ripped cover models.