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DHT 74 scale (30-85)

Does this warrant a short course of finesteride to get my DHT under control ? Hair has been thinning.

Kidneys calmed down by backing off protein intake so the trend has reversed and not an issue at the moment.

Liver took off => AST 80 and ALT 55. That is a personal high score yet I have not drank in 9 months. GGT was low at 8 and suggests this is not my liver.

E2 30 (7-42) I halted anastrozole by chemone to allow E2 it to come up and stop dumping so much into DHT. Going to try 50mg T per week and see if DHT does not calm down, it was 60 last time I got concerned 1 year ago.


do a search for all things male + finesteride before you do.


I know he is totally against it and has never prescribed it. I ordered their topical hair compound and apparently if your not a patient it is a big no-no and you get charged a fee.

I was hoping men with fin problems were men who took high doses or men who took it a long time, I wondered if short term it would help lower DHT, less T ongoing would keep it low since my liver does not seem up to the task of clearing it from my system.


Get you some Milk Thistle and take on a daily basis..


herbs and supplements can work for some but everyone seems to have a different reaction so be careful and only introduce one supplement at a time to gauge your response.


I actually pulled out my milk thistle today and I am going to try not to take White Flood or NO*Explode anymore and see what happens. White Flood was the new thing and it could be what is effecting my liver. The chemone anastrozole was probably safe and appeared to be working based on the labs.


If you are familiar with the ATM site, have you read the hormones primer, specifically the one about DHT & Hair Loss?

Your DHT is within the high end of the range...I would kill for that sort of viralization, can't imagine why you would want to lower that on the off chance that it might save you some hair...

What was your cortisol level?


It is really bizarre, my whole life I have not had that much body hair, without TRT I could basically skip shaving but once a month. Now it is once a week.

I try to keep my cortisol high, will not take phosphatydil serine ever again because with my UC condition the doctors like to put me on high dose prednisone ( synthetic C ) and that is really bad stuff so I am leaving C where it is - however it was not tested in any of the 4 tests this year.

I am next to zero fat and muscular so I am happy with that, but the thin hair was freaking me out, it is looking better and the shedding seemed to stop. Going to apply minoxodil nightly and see if that helps. I hear about a 3-way topical compound and want to try that.

UC and prednisone makes you lose all muscle quickly, begins to shrink bones if you do not get off and leaves me looking tired and not so youthful in the face. Post UC flare I bulk back up and I think it is normal to try and look 'healthy' after looking like your dying during a flare. A good head of hair is a strong visual marker of health. Nobody in my upline is bald and I seem to have my fathers hair and at 72 he is very thin and receded in front but not bald.


I am of the opinion that while lowering DHT will stop hair loss, this is not the most effective way to do so. If DHT is the sole decider of baldness, then why isn't every testosterone fueled teenager bald? Why are so many fat, out of shape, obviously Low T/High E men bald--these guys aren't exactly swimming in DHT, right?

I haven't done more research than scratching the surface on this because I am quite happy shaving my head and don't really care about how much hair I have there, but I think the biggest cause is slow metabolism in those hair follicles and they eventually die off...this would be due to cortisol/thyroid issues, which lowering DHT with A-5 reductase also corrects...

If you now have optimal hormones, your hair may start to regrow itself now that you are no longer deficient after having been so for a long time...i would look into some sort of laser treatment to restimulate those follicles and see what that does for you...


I like where your going with that. I have wanted to just shave my head so many times but the girls do not think it is such a good idea and if my face was more youthful looking I could pull it off. Hair is a royal pain in the arse and I was born with the M hairline so I have never had many options how to wear it.

Apparently some males genetically are not effected in hair follicles by DHT. But I do need to stimulate mine because where the come back, they often come back skinnier, runt like or just wily curling and weird so that means the follicle is not back to normal.