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Weird Knee Pain


Hi All. I had the weirdest knee pain crop up today, and I wondered if any of you have experienced the same.

My knee was fine throughout the day, up until about midafternoon. I was down in the basement and went to head upstairs when I noticed a knee pain, stemming from a point directly above my knee cap. It feels almost like a pressure from beneath the cap as well.

My last squat workout was Monday (it's Wednesday now) and I pushed 405lb for a single on my heaviest set. That's probably 90% of my 1RM, but it felt great. Now, two days later, I get a pain cropping up, so I'm not sure if the two have anything to do with one another.

Has anyone experienced this? I get the feeling Deadlifts tomorrow may be out of the question, as it's getting hard to even go downstairs without experiencing some pain.



I have had happen before, I had to take a few days off from lifting, and it was ok.

I highly recommend seeing a doctor, as it might be more serious than you think.


Very odd but odd crap happens No I wouldnt DL if its hurting tomorrow feel it out may have just been some odd ass pain but if it presists get it looked at.



Thanks for the advice, guys. It's not Thursday, and the weird feeling persists, as does the pain when I bend the knee. I'm starting to wonder if I didn't manage a meniscal (not sure if I spelled that correctly) tear.

Hopefully it's nothing too serious, but I think the rest of this week and probably the next are going to be pretty gentle and easy. If things persist, I will certainly head for the doctor. Meanwhile, maybe I should occupy my time looking for a pair of knee wraps for squats.


Could be tight quads/quad tendonitis. Try stretching your quads and icing.


Thanks again for the help guys. I visited my chiropractor/doctor of skeletal anatomy and he checked me over.

Apparently everything major is OK, and the pain was inflammation from (essentially) dislocating the tendon. I somehow managed to pull both my tendon and my kneecap slightly out of position.

He popped everything back where it should be, and the pain is already starting to disappear. With luck, I should be doing some careful, light squat work by the end of next week.