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Weird Knee Pain After Leg Press


I was doing leg presses the other day when Ifelt a weird kind of pinch pain in my right knee. I ignored it because no real pain came from it and finished my work out. The next few days when I wentagain the same thing happened but Iwas going alot heavier and when Igot up it was hard to stand on it from the weird sensation not so much a pain though. I have iced it and rested for the past 2 days and only limped slightly for the first day.

Im walking on it now and the only time Ican feel something is if I past a 90 degree bend. Keeping it wrapped but wanted to see if anyone has heard anything similar to this, Iread some of the other forums but everyone seems to have more pain than im getting. Could it be bad training habits from a few years past because my body has changed alot in 2 years and my size and weight have increased also.

I make it a habit to warm up alot now after Ipulled my bicep and Ihave never used leg wraps. All my joints seem to be alittle weird sence they all kinda pop (including my knees)but nothing to big of a deal. Any info is appreciated


Where is the pain located on the knee? Inside, outside, front, back? One of the tips from the bulletproof knees article on this site that helped me was to stretch out the quads and calves as much as possible.


If it's the back of the knee it could be a Baker's cyst. That's what I have been putting up with for over a year. Mine feels like i'm squishing a golf ball behind my knee. Bushido Bad Boy is the dude to ask...that's how I found out about mine.Hope this helps.


the pain is to the left of my patella tendon in my right leg. I didnt think it was a tendon just cause or where the pain is so im thinkin it could be my tear drop possibly. My calfs are alittle weaker than my quads and hamstrings but i dont think that could have caused it.


I fear you may have a meniscus issue/tear. Get it checked out - Im on my fourth knee repair in 25 years. Sucks


my knees are better know i can walk on them again but when i squat (without weight) they are cracking and are sensitive. I think it may just be from not using them as i normally do and the the difference in weight distribution on my other leg from limping for a week or so.


Where are you placing your feet on the pad? Last week, I had my feet a bit low, and it put a tremendous amount of stress on my knees. For about a week, my right knee was killing me.

Yesterday, I did heavy leg presses again, except this time, I put my feet pretty high up on the pad and a little wider so I could get a good ROM. Now, my knee is beginning to feel a lot better.


I am no doctor but that doesn't sound good. Cracking and sensitivity should be a sign to go see an ortho.

I have torn both my inside and out side meniscus and the symptoms sound very similar to what you are describing. I would at the very least recommend taking some time off from squats/leg press and do a lot of stretching and foam rolling. If you MUST do legs, maybe just stick with some non weight bearing exercises like extensions and curls...

Good Luck man, knees are a pain in the a$$.