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Weird Knee Issue

Ok, I read through some of the knee threads in the archive, and I just don’t have time right now to sort through it all. So if that offends you, feel free to skip this post :).

Here’s the time line of events.
March 16 - Have squat workout, no problems.

March 23 - Scheduled squat workout has to be canceled because the gym is closed. Knees still feel fine.

March 27th or 28th - some knee discomfort in left knee, on the lower right side. Nothing major. I can’t recall twisting or doing anything else to cause an injury.

March 30 - Scheduled squat workout. I decide to warm up, try some light weights, and see if the movement causes any pain. It doesn’t, so I go lighter than I would’ve otherwise and do my workout.

March 31-April 5 - still slight knee pain, but nothing worse than it was a week ago.

April 6 - I decide to go ahead with my squat workout again. By that night, my knee hurts much worse, despite the absence of pain during the workout itself.

April 7 - my knee hurts badly when I wake up. I decide my squat workout was a poor idea. I have to do some work, so I’m on my legs (though keeping weight off of my left knee) all day. By noon I don’t feel any pain in it at all.

April 8 - sitting down most of the day, knee pain is worse.

Today - still slight pain, but mostly gone. My knee sometimes “clicks” when I walk.

I’m going to skip my squat workout tomorrow, and do other exercises given the result of the last workout. But the injury just seems weird. I’m not sure how long I should stay off of it, or what might have even caused it. If anyone is an expert on this and can give some advice, I’d greatly appreciate it. I realize it is silly to seek medical advice over the internet, but I’m just trying to get a feel for how serious this might be and how I should proceed.

Without being aware of any particular knee trauma, it could very well be a tendonitis type injury. They come on slowly, seemingly out of the blue, and once the inflammation starts, they can progress quickly causing significant pain.

What you describe sounds much like my hip flexor tendonitis I have. After sitting or sleeping, it hurts when I get up and walk. After being on my feet for a while, it hurts less.

If you aren’t immediately concerned with going in to a doctor to get it checked out, I recommend starting with a few days rest, anti-inflammatories and soft tissue work on the legs.

When my knees get sore and click, its typically my quads and ITB. Foam rolling hurts like hell for a few days. Then the knots work out, the knee pain and clicking are gone again.

Obviously with free internet advice, caveat emptor and stuff… and go see a doctor if it gets bad or worse. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice… I think I will invest in a foam roller.