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Weird Knee Issue

About 2 years ago i grew 9 inches in 7 months. Since then, my knees have been kind of wacky. I take high doses of fish oil and stretch/foam roll daily and that helps. However, I continue to have the same problem: my knees are pointed inwards. When I squat, I’m forced to externally rotate my feet so that my knees will bend properly because if I squat with straight feet, it feels like my knee is being twisted the deeper i get. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Thanks for any input.

from my experience if the angle of an exercise is torquing a joint don’t do it that way. as obvious as that is, i’ve seen people try to work through joint discomfort and get injured many times. i’d say use a squat stance that puts the least strain on your knees while still allowing you to hit your legs they way you want

Did you try all the stances ??
Wide/medium/close ???
If you knees turn in maybe the wide stance is for you …

ps whose back is that, thats one of the best i have seen in a long time.