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Weird Kid (Video)


I've seen this kid ( he seems to be wearing a high school uniform) a couple of times before at this bus stop. He'll come up either behind me or just next to me and say "Hi"...the first couple of times I'd say "Hi" back, then he'd just say "Hi" two or three more times.
Today I finally had my camera and got it out once I was safely on the bus.


Thats creepy...


He wants your sex!


Serial killer.








I think the kid was looking at the werid man who records little highschool kids for his "personal" collection.


Kill it! KILL IT!


All of your posts are shit and not funny.


Who said they were sopposed to be funny? you actually spent the time and read all my posts? how flattering. Do you think i give a rats hairy ass what the fuck you think?


He thinks you're a novelty because you're white? People used to stare at me all the time when I traveled to China for business. One of the other engineers was a big fat guy that looked just like Santa Claus (long white beard, long white hair, big belly, and glasses). He was probably the most popular person in China whenever he was there. People would come up and ask to have their picture taken with him at least once a night.





I sincerely like Nards a lot, but damn... that was funny!


The correct answer to that would be "yes"..


Is he smoking a blunt? Cuz that would explain the weirdness.


No. He's Asian.

THAT explains the weirdness.



Not sure if serious.


coolest kid ever


Nards and ID, you two made my day. seriousry ror