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Weird Injury After Doing Lunges

so i was doing alternating leg barbell lunges on wednesday. keep in mind i just got back into training after a near two month hiatus due to illness.

so then on thursday night the soreness begins to set in, as i’m out of condition, right now. in the eraly hours of friday morning <or thursday night, however you wanna look at it> i feel this hard bump right near the top of my ass crack, kinda on the inside of the right cheek.

it’s clear i have a muscle spasm. it’s also extremely painful. i can barely touch it, and i can’t lie on my back on a soft surface like a bed or a couch because it put extremely painful pressure on the sore spot.

so i’m taking some robaxacet muscle relaxant , and hoping it’ll get better while i take hot showers and put a heat pad on it.

so i’m whining to a friend of mine today about this weird injury/pain i’m experiencing, and he said he had the exact same problem from lunges about a year ago! my buddy told me as best as he can remember it took a week to recover.

i can walk around just find. bending over is a bit more difficult, and i absolutely cannot recline or lie on my back, i cannot put pressure on the spasm without extreme pain.

anyone else ever have this problem? like a muscle spasm which feels like swelling at the top of your ass crack? it totally sucks. it’s also totally weird.