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Weird Hobbies/ Passions


Hey everyone. I looked in the search engine and couldn't really find anything current about this. At least not about my passion
( other then lifting ). Just figured it'd be cool to see what everyone does on the side. Like I myself am a musician and love to Sing and play the piano. So what are you're passions. other then lifting that is?

here is a video from my youtube of singing and piano.


Your not bad man. And your a braver man than i. Good stuff. I wouldn't call it weird but the abilty to play does take passion. Because I can't hit a note on the piano or with the vocals.


Thanks man. And I guess I put weird, because you don't find to many guys who Powerlift and sing/play piano lol.


Take a trip to Hawaii you will see plenty of our No Neck clan singing. hahahaha.




Ok here we go again... I like collecting blackheads on a mirror and sniffing my toenail funk.


My hobby IS weird. When you can't sing...You collect knives.




My largest pocket knife






Fucking nice.


Sweet knife dude. I could pick serious funk with that.


Is that poor cat going to meet its death?


Lets not forget, fingering your asshole. While you masturbate :slight_smile:


Will not be picking anything with these blades except toes off the floor.


Funny man! I do like non-invasive ass play during bj. And playing blues. But you got me sing, you got me real good! Name the quote!


Thanks bro! And shit ... I .. I cant think... help a bro out??


No hints.