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Weird Hip Pain When Squatting


Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. At the top of my squat, when I fully extend/lockout, I get a strange shooting/tingling pain in my right hip flexor. I've tried extensive stretching, icing, extended warm-ups, but nothing seems to help. It only hurts during that movement when perfoming back squats, not front or zercher squats. I squat a little wider than shoulder width, low bar.

Thnx, and I appreciate any insight.


Try not locking out, or just ditch the back squat all together unless there is some specific reason that it must be in your program.

I hope no one misinterprets me. Back squats are great, but for this particular individual if they cause a problem, just substitute in another exercise that doesn't cause pain (front squats)


You use a semi-wide stance and low bar position. Do you ever use squatting briefs? It's really amazing how much a cheap pair of briefs can help that nagging hip pain.


That happens to me when I squat using a wider stance and lower bar position, high bar, close stance, ass to grass squat leave me pain free and WAY more mobile, especially in the hips area. You might give them a try, front, hack and overhead squats are great too.


Thanks for the tips guys, I'll give them a try. Does anyone know where I can get a good pair of briefs for not too much $$$? I googled them, but could only find them for $155 +.


Nvrmind....I found some on Inzer's website.