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Weird Highschool Questions

 Alright as many of you know I'm highschool aged (sophmore). anywho, a few weeks ago some frosh where doing not even eigth squats after school. I tried helping them learn the form. These kids were huge dipshits. all skinny as shit (coming from a skinny guy), and weak as hell. They were bragging about barely bending their legs past 170 degrees with 135 pounds.

I tried helping them as nicely as I could. These kids are stereotypical preppy bullshit massively cocky frosh. all 3 of them weighed a grand total of 350 pounds if even. The smallest one insulted to today, I'm gonna go beserk on the kid because he's way to cocky, and thinks he's elite, and untouchable because he wears abercrombie and is a good 85 pounds of solid muscle (sarcasm).

Am i justified in yelling at/beating up these kid(s)??

I just am really pissed of the nerve of these kids, I realise all frosh are cocky, even my class. But this year's class is out of hand, the sophmores,juniors,seniors, and even the staff think so. If I don't but this cocky assed pussybitch in his place...who will?


Why even bother help them in the first place? Just leave it, your life will be better when you learn to ignore certain things.


You're gonna beat them up because they wouldn't take your advice? Sorry, man but that sounds like some completely unethical shit you plan to do.

If people aren't interested in training right, then just leave them be. If they keep using the 30lb dumbbells for bench and you need them for rear-delt raises then you're going to have to wait. If they're doing quarter squats but they're not taking up the only squat rack, you'll have to deal with their bullshit. If there's one squat rack in the gym, and they're curling in it, and they won't get out of your way when you ask them to just go use the Scott Curl station then you can have them kicked out of the gym.

It's my firm belief that you should be as nice as possible in the gym. Here's why...

1) You're not jacked. You have no right acting like the gym is your kingdom. Get over yourself.
2) You're really jacked. You can't afford to not be nice since everyone is expecting you to be a musclehead and an asshole. YOu need to prove them wrong and prove that you're a decent person who knows how to work hard.


Buy an iPod.

If you plan on living a life of fitness, then believe me, you are going to run into tens maybe hundreds of complete dipshits in gyms over the course of your life. So like I said, buy an iPod, train hard, grow, and don't worry about cocky dipshits in high school gyms.


You should try being cooler, and maybe they would be nice to you.


Squat more than him, and deeper. Smile and walk away. Get laid.


No, insulting me to my face and behind my back, I don't even know the kids. I tried being nice so they didn't hurt themselves.


I don't want them to be nice, I want them in their place, and to shut up.


already done. The frosh girls watch me and my buddy lift, not them. snatches> half presses


But walking up to a group of guys and criticizing them is not the best way to make friends. It sounds to me like you have a pre-existing grudge against them. I'm sure they can detect it, and therefore are not very nice to you either.


I feel the same way but instead of trying to beat them up or force advice down thier throat. I try to help them anyway I can. And if I cant help them I leave the situation alone and give them credit for what they have done.

EDIT: stop trying to help people that dont ask for it, get to the point where your looks and strength speak for them self.


Shit on their gym towel.

That's what I do anytime someone outsquats me.

Oh, and make sure you blame it on the Asian kid that doesn't speak English.


No, and you seem really overly sensitive if 3 little 100lb abercomrbie wannabes are able to get to you so well. They don't want your help? Fine, more time for you. Get over it.

That isn't any of your concern. An attitude like theirs (which seems quite the same as yours) will have it's own consequences, don't get dragged down by it/them.


You are a sophomore, they are freshman. I hate to break it to you, but you are a year older than them and that means NOTHING. They are weak and so are you. There is no relativity. Weak is weak. They have no reason to respect you.

They didnt ask for your advice. How would you feel if someone who didnt look much different from you started giving you advice and telling you that you were doing things wrong when you didnt ask them for it? Youd probably come on here bitching and whining about it like you are in this thread.

Hes a skinny, weak, douchebag? Well, right now, so are you. Stop being a douchebag, focus on your own lifting and not on there, and get bigger and stronger. Theres your solution.

Who cares if anyone puts him in his place because he is a douchebag 14 year old? Let him learn his lesson from someone else. If you fly off the handle at him you will 1) look like a bigger douche and 2)probably get in trouble for it.


Get a home gym in your garage or basement.

Or train with people who are serious about training and have the mind set and mentality that will motivate you to train harder.

Like someone else has stated, you're a year older then them, not much of a difference, deal with it.


exactly. Right now you sound like some stereotypical high school kid out of some movie who feels that they are better than the kids younger than them just because they're older. It's a stupid way to gauge anyone. There are kids younger than me who possess knowledge/physical development that surpasses mine, and there are grown men older than me who I've surpassed both mentally and physically. It's a poor way of gauging someone.


This one time, I helped out a guy who could barely bench 1/3 of his own weight. He was in very bad shape and probably still is. I helped him...because he asked me to do so. Even then I felt like a nosy guy. There's a lot to be said for a dude who can mind his own business.


1- Kid, you're in highschool. Every dumbass in this country goes to highschool, and most graduate, which means that making it from "frosh" to sophomore doesn't mean shit.

2- There are idiots doing stupid shit everywhere you go, it's called reality, get used to it.


isn't it obvious? you have to rape all of them, thus making them your bitches.


I'm a junior in HS and on Wednesday my weight lifting class has to give up the weight room to these freshman kids in another class. I know the freshman teacher and she let's me and two other guys workout while freshman are there.

Anyway, I was doing deadlifts, and I was at around 295, and after I finished my reps these freshman kid's crowded around MY bar and decided they were going to try. At first I just smiled because they were going to get fucked up if they tried, then I decided to just tell them "Don't." Then the teacher saw them and told them to stop because they had no idea what they were doing.

I guess because they saw me do it, they were going to try to act big and tough and do it too, but they only pretended to do it.
I then maxed out at 315, and some other kids did the same shit, going up to the bar, pretending they could lift it.