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weird? help if you can

ok i havent worked out in about 3 months, nothing i could do about it. anyway its weird now. my upper boddy is basically skinny but my lower body, basically my ass and upper thighs are fat as hell. how how can i fix this. ive just started working out again so maybe this problem wont be one in a few months, but any suggestions are welcomed…

It probably has something to do with your own body’s tendancy to store fat. Maybe you just store it low. Were you always in good shape before you stopped training? Guy or girl? That’ll affect it too.

Or maybe you just got lazy and fat :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I remember reading about a topic here once where the localisation of fat on the body (while obviously realed to sex) was also determined by T-levels …

Me for example - about 13% fat - can see veins clearly in arms etc and top 4 abs - but a nice swuidgy layer around my middle - so much I can’t fit in the 34"s anymore!!!


Doesn’t sound so weird; your body reverts back to its original state, more or less after you stop training or … It depends as always on several variables; how you looked before you started training, genetics, your diet, your sex (apple/pear bodyshape conundrum for women…)
Also, after weight loss/gain cycles the body is quite adept at storing it in different places other than where it was originally. Just get back into training and amp up the CV exercises… that should help… check your diet too.