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Weird Heartbeats Only When Laying Face Up With Head Up

on the 8th week of my test cycle and I’ve been getting occasionally weird heartbeats when I lay down and browse Instagram with my head up. but ONLY in that position. I’m completely fine laying face down but when I turn I get a weird heartbeat starting after a minutes and more often as I stay in the position for longer.
my blood pressure is normal and when I had ECG done I didn’t get these heartbeats. no signs of high blood pressure and no palpitations. I was thinking of completely dropping gear but I need to buy my PCT first so until then I’m looking for research on this on pubmed but so far I got similar but not relatable data. so I’ve turned to look for personal experiences of users.

That happens to me too when I watch fitness chicks squat on the gram.


I was giving the Instagram example to paint the picture my position when these issues happen but lately they’ve been happening when I stand up too