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Weird Headache During Workout


I don't know if this fits under Building a better body.. But however this is what I experienced yesterday at the gym, I'm following Joel's WS4BBPP and it was DE Bench day yesterday.. After the benches I moved on to dips, and after the third set (on 5x4) I got this horrendous pain in the back of my head. It's something like I've never experienced before, it felt like if I would have been hit REALLY hard in the back of my head..

Has anyone experienced anything like this, any clue of what it might be..?
Only modifications as to my diet in the past couple of weeks has been adding more protein (re; protein shakes), fishoil and creatine to my diet.. Doubt it's due to either of those.. ( ? )

Now I get it whatever I do if it's even a bit intense.. Should I be worried or just take a week off or something?



I actually used to get a pain as you are describing while doing dips. It was always on one side at the base of my skull. Dont know if its similar to what you you are experiencing though. It got to the point of where I couldnt do dips anymore. It was the only movement that caused it. What it was I dont have a clue. I have revisited dips much since then though.


Exercise-induced headache/exertional headache...I've gotten them on a few occasions... the most recent being last week.



I actually get the pain on both sides in the very back of the head.. and it also comes from other exercises, feels like it comes if blood rushes into my head (as if I were standing on my head and the blood would rush into my head) .. You know?


I had this EXACT same problem... It just came from over doing it and I backed off a bit and it went away... I would experience the pain in the gym and then still experience it hours later... I took a few days off, probably around 3, and then went back and did light, full body exercises just to stay in shape while I healed... if I felt it coming on, I backed off the weight or moved to a less intensive exercise.

For example, if I were doing push presses and it hurt, I would just go over and do raises or something... the only other very very important thing is make sure you breathe well... mine always came from holding my breath during the bottom portion of the lift... good luck, its frustrating but it will go away within a week of backing off


Did you take time off, or use NSAIDs (being.. medicine?) or got yourself examed?


I think I might just do that.. Pity though since I was excited over going for a new PR in the bench press.. But oh well, shit happens, life's a bitch and then you die.. :slight_smile:


Yup, thats what I get. Its pretty weird. Luckily it just happened on dips for me.


Fearless...Alot of people tell me that I need to get my head examined but not as a result of the exercise-induced headache.:wink: Seriously though, I have gotten about four or five of them in the past couple years (primarily on HIGH rep days). All it usually takes to get over it is an off day or two, which I'll take as a last resort.

When it happened last week, I felt it coming on during a set of squats and knew it right away. I tend to be a bit stubborn, so I racked it, waited about 30 seconds and finished the set. In my experience, the "intense phase" of the headache is relatively brief. The only time it has really wrecked a workout for me was the very first time it happened.



It sure wrecked my yesterdays workout big time :confused: But I guess it's just a part of the iron game to not always succeed.. heh.. I hope I will be able to say the same as you in the future though. Thanks..


Im on day one week2 of phase V (CW's frontier)

The AM workout I noticed I was starting to get a pain in my head towardsd the end of the workout-so I skipped the abs and just went home to lay down.

The PM workout about 1/2 way into it and it felt like someone hit me with a bat in the back of my head. I had to stop the workout and go to my car. It took me about 5 minutes befroe I was able to drive- got home and checked on here (45 minutes later) and it s just now starting to fade away...this frigin sucks ass -the absolte worst headache ive ever had......B

UT i did see something at the gym Ive never seen before...a highschool girl with her father doing squats. No older than 17 she was doing sets of 8 with 170 ATG!! anyway I hope I can sleep this headache off before tommorows workout