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Weird Hamstring Twinge?

Ive had a weird hamstring “pain” lately. I think its in the semimembranosuous or semitendinosous but im not sure. Its on the medial portion of my leg at the belly of the muscle. I did a workout about 2 weeks ago in which my hamstrings got very sore, and tight, but it was not sore in this area at all, and the soreness went away.

Also, it doesn’t hurt when I stretch it or contract it, and I could even deadlift heavy or do leg curls with no pain. But sometimes when im walking i’ll feel a little twinge like its going to cramp, but then it goes away.

Is this a pinched nerve, a minor strain, or maybe a trigger point?

I dont think it warrants a visit to a doctor since it doesn’t really hurt, but i’ll likely stretch it, and get back into the hamstring training gradually.

Thanks in advance for any opinions.

see a doctor.

I mean, maybe it’ll go away if you warm up better/more thoroughly. But seeing a doctor is rarely inappropriate advice when dealing with injuries you’re not sure on the extent of.

You can see a doctor if you want, but i doubt it’ll be of much use, because nothing appears to be wrong. You can apparently use it at a high level without discomfort. It just appears to cramp up a bit.

I’d suggest foam rolling them regularly (along with your hips, quads, calves, glutes). You should probably check out Mike Robertson’s e-book on this.


Well, I think its just a trigger point that needs to be worked out. Its hard to get to, but i definately feel one there.

Also, i did my lower body workout last night with no problems.

I was able to do GHR, DB swings, Step-ups and Split squats, with no problems at all.

My hamstring flexibility is very poor though, so im going to work on that first and foremost.

Thanks for your opinions guys.