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Weird Gyno Without Gear for 2 Years

Not sure if anyone has experienced this, but I haven’t tried gear in almost 2 years yet in mid-December i started noticing sensitivity and kinda felt like a mild lump in my left nipple area. Now I am to a point where I definitely don’t want anything to even graze that area. I was getting ready for another cycle, but opted out due to this development…I have a hard time believing it is age related (35) and my gym work hasn’t suffered.

Have read where some have tried letro in a tapered manor to at least control the issue if not improve it to some extent. I just find it weird that i am having this issue while not on gear. Unless it is something else or hormonal to some extent. I also had blood work done a year ago and everything was in the normal ranges hormonally. any thoughts or help are appreciated.


You should definitely get bloods (especially E2) done ASAP and use an AI or SERM until you get the results to prevent permanent gyno.

cycle history?

around 2 years ago I did a short 4 week 40 mg/day oral cycle t-bol with PCT of nolva for I think 2 weeks. didn’t notice any adverse affects.

I do have nolva, clomid, arimidex and letro on hand and have actually been on a letro taper since January. hasn’t really gottne better or worse and I have good days and bad.

If I were to get tested again wouldn’t the letro I am on cause my tests to be skewed? and with my labs from a year ago coming back normal would it change that drastically? Not arguing, more curious?


Test prolactin as well.

I really hate to do this but I was literally 2 seconds away from making this thread exactly, except for I’ve never done gear. I don’t want to hijack. If anyone can help, PM me. Thanks. sorry SAKA

I would give the same advice. There is obviosly a hormonal imbalance. You have to find out exactly what that imbalance is and then investigate ways to rebalance.

Get bloodwork done. Especially high sensitivity E2 and Prolactin as KSman recommended. Also total test, free test, thyroid (TSH, free T3, Free T4), SHBG (sexual hormone binding globulin), LH, FSH, etc.

In the meantime (especially if this is a recent development & before it sets in) use Nolva or at least an AI in the short term.

Saka: The Letro would not skew your tests if you disclosed the usage to your doctor. At least you would see where your E2 and prolactin levels are currently at regardless of the Letro. The Letro dose may be too low for you or it could be a prolactin issue. Maybe the doc will recommend cabergoline.

i was wondering about prolactin and if dostonex or bromo would help. in the end probably a good idea to get checked, just trying to knock it down some before anything sets in.

and no big on the hijack…this is a great site for help.

thanks guys.


also had another comment/question. if it is prolactin based and i introduce Nolva (which i did a week ago) will that sensitize the issue? and at that point would clomid be a better choice? just trying to make sure I am not causing more problems than good before heading into the doc.