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Weird FYI Hot Rox/Tribex combo experience

Today was day 4 of Hot-Rox/Tribex combo. The diffence today was that I took both supplements within 10min on an empty stomach. Shortly after that I had a hard to discribe after-taste in my mouth/throat. When I exhaled thru my mouth, smoke came out. Bizarre?!. I immediatly drank more water and had no futher problems. Usually in the morning I take Hot-Rox on an empty stomach before cardio and/or workout, Then about 1-1.5 hours later I take Tribex before my first meal of the day.
I posted FYI and if anyone else experienced this also.

Ah, Tribex Dragon Smoke! Very common!

It’s not from the combo of the two supplements, just the Tribex itself which is super fine and “light”. No worries. Kinda fun sometimes. Great party trick. I had it happen once while teaching a psychology class.

If it bugs you, eat a little something after you take the caps. I know the label says empty stomach, but it’s probably not a big deal.

That can happen sometimes when you take any kind of capsules with powder. I’ve done that a few times with various ones. It seems to be a digestive thing that I’m not quite sure how it was caused, but in your case, if you’re taking two of each (or more of Tribex) that’s a lot of powder on an empty stomach.

I am taking Hot Rox and am about to start Tribex tomorrow. I’m only taking two H.R. a day right now as I get a an ephederine-type booste from them (I seem to be sensitive to these kind of things). I may start with one or two Tribex or stop H.R. all together just to get started and see how I handle the Tribex.

Thanx for the reply’s. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t alone. Thanx for the input guys. I wish I could have video taped my experience. Mabye I could be a poster child for the Hot Rox/Tribex stack. UP IN SMOKE!


I had the same thing happen a couple days ago, 2 Tribex and a Hot Rox washed down with a sip of coffee. A couple minutes later I coughed and a puff of “smoke” came out, scared the hell outa me for just a second. I just figured one of the caps had started to disolve before it was all the way down or something. Good to know it’s fairly common, though.

I get a nasty aftertaste if I don’t take tribex with a whole lot of water. I also take both tribex and hotrox at the same time. Just try more water.