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Weird: Foot in Brain




The Denver Post has a picture of it.


damn, this beats weird guy with inverted kneecaps




Not many things in this world gross me out, but... uh... baarrfff


That is so cool!!

I wonder if they get to keep it in a jar. How awesome would that be!


Woah I use to make funny statements on acid about growing things out of my head but never thought it was possible. I don't think I am going to joke about it anymore.


And to think some people just talk out of their ass.



Imagine the reaction of the surgeon.

"Okay, I'm removing the tumor now. Um...what the...hey guys, come over here. You HAVE to see this!"


Talk about going toe to toe with the problem.


Fixing that proved to be quite a feet of surgery.


Will the HMO refuse to foot the bill?

...ok, ok, I'll stop now.


I LOL'ed. :smiley:


Nice, Pookie, lol.


I wonder where the legal threshold is between one person and two. I would assume conjoined twins would be treated as two people for whatever sort of government aid might be relevant, but would this kid be able to get double welfare or double subsidized whatever if he left that thing in there?


Anyone want to rethink the Zeus and Athena myth?


Don't fuck with me, I destroyed my fetal twin with my fucking mind.






What is the Zeus and Athena myth?