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Weird Food Dream- Help?


I dreamed all night about a Carls Jr. 6 Dollar Burger, criss cut fries, and a strawberry shake. I could taste them I swear.

Is it ok to have a cheat meal when this happens? :stuck_out_tongue: I'm bulking but I'm trying to eat as clean as possible. I don't have class (or work) on Friday so I think it had something to do with me sleeping 12hrs and being hungry during the night.

I usually eat a LOT of cottage cheese before bed, but I think I need to start those midnight protien shakes cause this is just ridiculous.


I have one too. I'm cutting right now, following a T-Dawgish diet, and a Westsideish + GPP exercise regimen. Back when I was bulking I used to slurp down my post-workout drink at the gym and go right to Arby's for a Big Montana and water.

Well now I've been dreaming about squat workouts followed by pushing my car from the gym to Arby's. Then at Arby's I get a Big Montana + curly fries and a root beer. Normally I don't get curly fries or root beer, so I'm not sure what the hell is going on in my head. I'm not going to have the cheat meal, although I might get a Big Montana for the Super Bowl this weekend.


I would think that if you are eating clean every other meal during the week, one cheat meal is not really a bad thing. I work one or two in a week and it keeps me sane and clean the rest of the time. To me, I ain't living if I can't have a big ol' cheeseburger once in a while. To me, that is some balance, although I am sure there are those that would disagree with me.



An occasional cheat meal won't hurt. Especially when you're bulking. I say go for it and get it out of your system. The Randman has spoken.


done and done...dear lord this will be orgasmic.


Yo. heres a secret.

fat free (not sugar free) strawberry ice cream mixed with some strawberry protein powder and skim milk is a good post workout supliment.
then go home get 9 oz extra lean ground beef and george forman it, slap it on a bun with lots of tomatoes pickels letuce and hella katsup+mustard and fat free cheese.

this saves my ass. its like cheating but is so clean!
sometime ill have the burger for dinner. replace the bun with a low carb tortilla, add a salad, and you have a low carb/low fat high protein/fiber/vitamin dinner. i live off of this during dieting and am always satisfied. never ever need to cheat!


Do it Proteinpowda style...
Don't cheat. What I've noticed is that when I cheated I tended to be much less reliable w/ my diet; eg it would be hard for me to go back to normal. Plus I'd want to pump all the food out of my stomach. Also, since I'm so used to artifical sweetners, aka splenda,I don't realize how many calories sugary foods when I eat them...well I do but my mouth doesn't.
Also for most people that are cutting. the general realm of cutting is a deficit of 500-1000 calories a day...a cheat meal can cost you a few days of cutting. And I don't want to hear any B.S. About it reseting your metabolism b/c this takes about 4 weeks. Also, I atleast, am much more prone to cheat on non-workout days or at night..the worst times to.
You're results will be greatly accelerated if you say fuck the cheat day. Have some discipline, chew some gum, drink water til you puke and get some friends that won't beg you to cheat.
Lord Proteinpowda


Here's a tip from a guy who dreams non-stop throughout the night and actually writes award winning poetry from his dreams.

If You DON'T WANT DREAMS at all, or want dreams that hve nothing to do with food listen to the following:

Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees
Radiohead - Creep
Jane's Addiction - Jane says

These three songs take any outside thought and shits all over them and all i can do is recite about 3 words of lyrics before i fall asleep.

Try it out...seriouslys. Sounds stupid. give it a try.


You are making the colossal blunder of equating low fat to "clean".

Huge mistake.

You need to consume fat with protein.

Fat free ice cream, skim milk and protein powder are a one way ticket to Vitamin A depletion and consequential liver exhaustion and lagging testosterone.

Read the following and bury this low fat nonsense once and for all:



This dream is a clear sign you are insane. You should flog yourself under a waterfall of ice-cold water for 12 hours to atone for your nocturnal sinning.
Or you could just eat the damn combo and stop stressing out!


Ok honestly, if somethign comes up, apply it to your life. I don't like cheat days...and I try to avoid them at all costs..but sometimes shit just happens, your out with a few friends with so much good food around you....
The best thing you can do is try to keep the fat low, the protein high, and do it post-workout.