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Weird Feeling...Is it Cuz I’m Getting Old?

I was running 10 100 yard dashes finished and the whole time there were hurdles out that caught my eye. I was doing a 800 cool down and they were still there. I didn’t compete in hurdles ever but tinkered with them in hs. Ok like over 20 years ago. I was like seriously intimidated by them just sitting there…could I do it…especially after my legs were pretty worn out…hmm…dang it…I’m serious I was like…would I eat track,trip, etc…signs I’m getting old when worried about consequences. Well, I figured awe heck and started at the 110 and actually cleared it without altering my stride but not at full speed cuz obviously tired no blocks etc. I would insert Rush’s “one little victory”. But it was just a hurdle lol

Wait another 8 years when your my age…lol

Fear is a strange thing. I train many adult and kids to ride fear is not age related. Adult are a bit more cautious.
Age is just a number so I am 32 plus shipping and handling and taxes

How old are you and have you ever considered Master’s Track and Field?

I’m 38 but have a few options if I want to pursue. I was a semi pro athlete and RL so some stuff I can’t qualify for. I am quite weird…I kinda feel more comfortable when I’m doing intense cardio with hs kids lol

A week ago I slipped and hit head on bleachers have a nice little goose egg. My husband told me next time I should wear a helmet. I’m like hun I grew up running these things. It’s about focus which I must’ve zoned out into lala land

It really was dumbfounding. Thanks for feedback :grinning: