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Weird Feeling in Back of Forearms

I know that lifting heavy weights is the key to building muscle, and I have heard here that people really are wasting a lot of their time doing 3x15 of low pound weights all the time in the gym. Anyway, I agree with that, however I’m not sure what I feel in my forearm is good. It feels like a line going from my elbow down towards my pinky, but it stop at my wrist. I dunno if I’d call it pain (I’m a Marine, pain just feels like progress to me), but I’m not stupid enough to not ask for advice.

I am 23 and I don’t do any crazy routines or anything. the heaviest I go is with weights I can do 6x5 with. I only feel this when I’m doing my biceps.

I took a break for a few days and that helped, I lifted some weights that I could do 3x12 with and it was fine, but when I tried to heavy up I could start to feel that tendon, or whatever it is, sending my brain signals.

Should I just take a week off on my biceps/forearms or what?

Two things:

First, what bicep exercise are you performing? Many people (myself included) have discomfort/pain using a bar (EZ or straight) for bicep curls. If so, try a switch to dumbells.

Second, I have found that most of my aches and pains over the years have come from performing heavy isolation movements (anyone else?). That’s why today I only go HEAVY on the major compound movements and keep the volume high on secondary isolation exercises like bicep curls.


Thanks, that was a good reply.

I think the culprit is doing seated barbell curls 3x8 off my knee. Thats and isolation curl I guess. After I did those and some wrist curls, my forearms were the hugest I’ve ever seen em, but next time I lifted I felt this isolated pain along my forearm.

I also do bicep curls against the inside of my knee… I will keep those on the lighter&higher rep side and probably do less of them all together anyway.

I had the same pain from an EZ bar, when I switched to a straight bar it went away.