Weird Experience Lifting Today

Well I had a terrible stomache ache all day and a slightly worse headache then usual. Today as a lay on the bench starting off with 155 I unwracked the weights and instantly reracked them because my eyes unfocused, I got super dizzy, and felt like I was fallinf off the bench and through the floor.

I got up and leaned against hte wrack for a fe wminutes got back, did five easy reps with the same problem but prepared. Felt heavier then usual but I did it. Next set 165x5, exactly the same, had my buddy at the ready in case I blacked out or something. still felt heavier then usual but got out 5. third set 170x5 five good reps felt way heavier then normal, without the soreness.

AM I just sick, overtrained, or what? I had to take 2-3 minute breaks between ses to keep myself coordinated. I was stumbing after the first set. The other lifts I did that day where ok. I think it’s because I was laying down suddenly. Any insight on this?

Sounds like it could be one of three things, to me:

  1. You’re tired; get more sleep.
  2. You’re dehydrated; drink more water.
  3. You’re sick; get more sleep and drink more water.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless it continues and doesn’t seem to be due to one of those three things. If it does continue, you might want to just suck it up and see your doctor, just in case.

Generally laying down quickly doesn’t cause diziness. It’s standing up quickly that can cause that affect, especially for people with low blood pressure.

On a side note, if you were seriously worried about blacking out, benching is not that great a call even with a spotter. Would you really expect your buddy to catch and curl a 165lb bar if you all of a sudden went limp? I’m thinking broken ribs…

Weird shit like this happens every so often. I know I’ll get days where I am lightheaded, dizzy, dead tired, no motivation, you name it its probably happened to me. Fight through it and keep track of water intake and carb intake during the day. Normally, when I have the dizzy and lightheaded spells it’s usually from a lack of water and good complex carbs. Or I’m just dead tired from a lack of solid sleep.

I get days like that every now and then, too. As much as you want to stick with the routine (days on/ days off, etc), sometimes you need to listen to your body and stop. The best thing for you to do is make sure you drink plenty of fluids, pop some excedrin and get a good nights rest so you can get after it the next day.

I have apnea and insolmnia… I think I knwow what it is now. Thanks guys.