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Weird Elbow Pain


I realise there's another elbow pain thread going on right now and I read it but I don't think it's the same as my situation.

On Friday last week I was doing JM presses and probably went a bit too heavy too soon and a tendon in my elbow started kind of "twanging" and hurting. Can't really think of a better word for it but that's how it felt - twanging. It was sore, but not REALLY sore so I just kept on lifting. I realise now that was probably a stupid thing to do.

I had my first workout since then tonight (Tuesday) so it's had 4 days rest, but when I was lifting today my elbow was doing it on all my presses, which has never happened before. So it seems it is getting worse not better. At the start of the workout I did loads of extensions with a resistance band to try and get my elbows warmed up before pressing (read that in a recent article on here) but it didn't seem to work. Maybe the resistance band was too light?

It still doesn't hurt all that much but I don't like the fact that it's happening all the time now. Even now if I try and do push-ups I can feel it, so it's happening even when using a light weight.

Does anyone know what this is? And how to fix it?

Also, would it be worth getting some elbow sleeves?

I appreciate any help anyone can give,