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Weird Effect From Heavy DL


Monday, I went for a deadlift PR (nothing earth-shattering; 315# @ 155BW, it was my very first 2xBW DL, though, so I'm pleased but not satisfied). Got the bar up, locked out, put it down, and then, for lack of any better way of describing it, it felt like just about every muscle from my eyebrows to my ankles sparkled/fizzed.

Did a second rep after about a 30 second break, and didn't have that weird after-effect.

What the fuck WAS that? CNS overload? GPC going into overdrive? I have no idea.

I'm hoping someone here can shed some light on it, because, while I'm not freaked out, I'm confused and curious.


It was your chi exploding.

Just kidding. If I had to guess, I'd say it had to do with the sudden release of tension. Deadlifts use a lot of muscles, and hitting a new DL PR involves creating levels of tension your muscles have never been under before. You release that tension too fast (or just release it at all), and your body undergoes a brief 'Woah. What was that?' moment.

The second time you do it your body is more prepared (having experienced it once before).

Congrats on the new PR, and I wouldn't worry about it.


Firstly, are you a robot?


Heavy deads have a magical effect.......


probably because you got your cns to go so hard that it made you tingle.


Everyone but V:

Thanks, guys. Seeing it laid out like that, it makes sense. I'll keep an eye out for any repeat performances and shoot for a slightly more intelligent way of describing it, than, "Dude, whoah... My God, it's full of stars!"

(Of course, I always expected my Chi to blow out of my forehead; shows what I know.)


My programming forbids me to discuss it. You ever listen to the Front Line Assembly song "Bio-Mechanic"? :slight_smile:


When I tried 405 earlier in the week, I nearly blacked out. Your body freaking out is just God's way of saying, "NOW you're trying!" :slight_smile:



Unconsciousness = "Maybe you should back off five or ten pounds, huh?"


Yeah, pretty much!