Weird Dreams From a Supp?

Okay…this may just show signs of mental instability, but here goes…:slight_smile:

Does anyone out there take CYTODYNE’s Z-Mass PM (ZMA) product? And if so…does it make you have weird dreams while you sleep? I’m having some odd ones…nothing bad…but this is a very strange side effect.

I’ll bet this is due to it effecting my dopamine levels, but am not sure.

Just wondering.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Or you are getting a blast of test in the middle of your sleep and getting more midsleep wood that is causing the vivid dreams.

ZMA products are know to produce vibid dreams. I kinda like it.

Mental instability, not really. Unless your dreams involve a gallon of Crisco, a blender and a monkey.

I just started taking Biotest ZMA and my dreams are ALL messed up, but in a good silly/odd way.

I love my ZMA dreams! Actually, that made me start a “Dream log.” No real purpose, but it’s fun to go back and re-read where you went during the night.

I like my dreams also

Yes, crazy dreams are common when you take ZMA. At least you know you’re getting deep sleep when this happens and that is one of the jobs of ZMA and that is recovery.

It’s most likely the Vitamin B6 that’s part of ZMA.


Some great info here…many thanks!