Weird Co-Worker's Attire

So how about a thread about the oddly dressed co-workers you may have. There’s a woman here that wears the most awesome clothing ever made, and I thought that I should share this with everyone, and see who can beat it. Work is a very casual place, so you can wear pretty much anything you’d like, no matter how odd it may look to others.

So without further ado…


You win. I work in a small office, we all dress pretty ‘normally’.

I know right? Damn. I was feeling a little bad for picking on someone and what not, but your response RSGZ made it all worth it!

Lol I immediately thought of Dr. Seuss. I’m pretty sure nobody can top this lol.

If you crop out her arm, you can’t tell which side is front or back…eh it’s friday my brains not functioning properly.

I work in a hospital so the different departments wear their own uniforms…not much room for originality!Except the doctors,the majority of which are complete nerds,who look like their mothers dress them still.

She does look the same from front to back on occasion, depending on the pants. I’m sure Monday I’ll have a new picture to toss up here, this isn’t out of the ordinary for her at all.

For comparison…


Here we go

One more for good measure

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
Here we go[/quote]

damnit i nearly choked after seeing that. Good god, you know you’ve hit the point where you really need to make a life choice when you wear sweatpants and you pull the front band over a solid foot of hanging stomach.


[quote]Tyrant wrote:


I believe the technical term for that is FUPA.

Well, I knew you guys would notice the butt crack that goes from low back to belly button.

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
Well, I knew you guys would notice the butt crack that goes from low back to belly button.[/quote]

I can’t believe anyone would leave the house looking like that.

Ok, maybe I can, but still… shaking my head

Yea no one can beat that front butt. Awesome

I used to work with a guy who’d come to work in a tux every now and then for no reason.

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
One more for good measure[/quote]

I don’t understand what’s goin on in this picture.

World Record Camel Toe!

Hahaha serious front butt! That mascot picture is perfect!

[quote]inkaddict wrote:
One more for good measure[/quote]

This one had me questioning my none too impressive knowledge of anatomy. I then came to the conclusion that it is an ass-vagina.

That is some serious frontal ass.SERIOUS.

LOLOL serious vagbag action going on in this thread…still would sex up though…after like a 5th of tequila, while blindfolded at 3 in the morning…