Weird Clicking in Knee While Squatting

I have this weird problem when I squat down (with or without weights) I get this kind of clicking/rubbing/popping feeling on the outside of my left knee. I can actually FEEL it with my hand too if I touch the knee and squat down. It doesn’t happen if I turn out my feet 45degrees though. Hard to explain exactly what the feeling is, but it’s like a tendon is ‘rubbing’ over another tendon… or something…

Any ideas? Is it bad to just squat with feet out at 45degrees if everything feels ok?


I think most people’s bodies have some sort of weird thing to them. My elbow used to lock. I would just push it through and it would make a snap. Never hurt though and it went away a few years later.

My point is, if you want a doctor to look at it and find something wrong with it, they will. But if it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t hinder your movement, it might just be something you live with.

And yes, 45 degrees is OK.