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Weird Bulge of my Gut?


I almost expect to be flamed on this, but is this the result of poor abs? I seem to always work out my abs and my lift numbers are at least a bit above average, but I always seem to have this weird bulge of my gut. Is this normal? To be honest, sort of feel self-conscious about it some times.


This guy is epic.




Dude you have no bulge. If anything, it probably has to do with your posture, but that's just a guess. My .02


Bulge is this.


This. You look perfectly fine to me.


Hah! This is the first time I've noticed this about that picture, but the bottom half of his gut is one gigantic stretch mark.


It is a weird side shot and yes I assumed it was my posture. To preface, I was in a car accident before and I have a lot of scar tissue on the muscles of my lower back. As I have progressively gotten heavier on my lifts, especially squats and deadlifts, I have noticed that my posture has gotten worse as my "bulge" has gotten more noticeable. If anything, I was wondering if anyone else has been in the same position and if it was simply just correcting posture or if it was a physical weakness in the chain that is possible causing issues.

Ninja: Not going to lie. I just read my original post and I almost wanted to flame myself, but I really do have really terrible back issues so if it is anything that is even remotely related to my back I always want to get a second opinion from people who know what they are talking about.


Haha! Dude, there is a guy that looks like that at our gym that is always on the treadmill with his laptop rocking a headband and sleeveless t-shirts. Damn, I have to go covert and take a picture of that dude some time so I can post it up here.


HAha... tumor is this!


yeah i have weird posture too and that exagerates the "bulge". just suck in your gut, it will make it disapear and help you have better posture


Your stomach sticks out because your pecs aren't big enough


OP, you are little with no noticeable muscle. Lifts a little above average? You expect having lifts a little above average to make you look good? WTF?


Squatz and milk.


hungry4more: Dude, how is that helpful at all? At least with BONEZ, I always get a decent amount of advice or insight along with productive flaming. Seriously though, I bench 290lb and squat 460lb with proper form (at least from what I have been able to evaluate it is proper form) so definitely not as much as you or some of the other guys within these forums, but at least "a bit above average" compared to the average American.

Besides sucking in the gut, is there a way to fix my posture? Again, this is actually a serious question because the pain in my lower back seems to be getting worse and I am fearing that it is exacerbating a prior injury from a car accident.


No you do not put those numbers up.

Videos right now.


run a search for anterior pelvic tilt.


Thanks Jay.


BONEZ: We went over this in another post when I posted up my routine and that issue with not being able to put mass on in my upper back. And no, I would much rather be flamed on this forum rather than posting up videos of myself in retort to "prove it" comments. When there is another reason for me to post, say for proper form for example, then yes I will post. In any case, I appreciate your input and help in the past.


Wait. Whats the difference between posting a video as proof and posting one for a form check? Either you can move the weight you claim or you cant. Then I'll change my reply to "There's no way you move that weight with acceptable form". How about now?