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Weird Blood Results 5 Weeks After PCT

Hello all, I made a blood test 5 weeks after my pct because of libido problems after this cycle. The results are:

Lh 15,3 mIU/ml (ref 1,5-9,5)

Fsh 12 mIU/ml (ref 1,5-18)

E2 28 pg/ml (ref 12-43)

Prolactin 178 mIU/ml (ref 45-375)

Testosterone 7,12 ug/l (ref 3-8) should be 712 ng

Free testosterone 0,138 (ref 0,057-0,178)

Testosterone bio 5,39 (ref 1,26-4,12)

Shbg 18,57 nmol/l (ref 14,4-50)

From this readings I don’t get why my libido is still low and I’m worried about the high bio test and lh. I know that high lh and low t speak for primary but my test is decent so I don’t get it. Last time I took clomid was 5 weeks ago I’m only taking multivitamin and zinc.

Should I be worried about my lh? Should I try to lower my prolactin with caber?

What were your Lh and prolactin before your cycle?

I sadly didnt make a test before this cycle. Last time was 1 and a half year ago pre cycle and lh was in normal range

You sex drive will come back in time. There is a lot more to it than good hormone levels. You just ranked your hormones for a number of months and now you are 2 months post. Another 1-2 months and things should be more normalized… maybe sooner… maybe later.

You’re properly right. Just little bit worried about the lh because this is a sign of primary if it doesn’t go down in the next months.i will do another test in 2months