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Weird Bicep Line!!!!

It felt like a nerve or fibrous-like so it can’t be an artery. The only time when i feel this pain is when i try to hyper extend my arm, even so the pain is very minimal, more like discomfort and I feel that line is being stretched hard. Besides that i can do any kind of movement pain free. If anybody who has been through this or seen it elsewhere, please give me some advice .

Thank you and good day.

Nerves don’t feel fibrous-like. Did it appear suddenly or with the stretch marks further up?

It appeared a day after i worked my back/bis. I woke up with it. I touched it, more like circling/massaging the part near the armpit and it gave me a burning sensation. Those stretch marks up top had been there for awhile. They almost turn to the color of my skin. I digged up some info in the internet and the best 1 i can find is axillary or brachii artery of some sort. Thx for your respond.

Went to the doctor today. He said it could be my musculocutaneous nerve. He massaged around and felt a little bump/knot in there. So he’s going to send me to do an ultra sound. Hopefully we’ll figure out what the heck is going on.

What kind of doctor did you go to? I’ve never seen a nerve that looked like that. To me, it looks more like a vein. I’d guess superficial thrombophlebitis from the picture. But I could be wrong.

yea i searched around and that’s really the closest thing i can relate to this weird mark. I went to an MD, he’s my healthcare provider. He was very curious himself. I don’t know if an ultra sound will help much, but I’ll wait and see after the results are out. Meanwhile, more searching and digging around for me.