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Weird Bicep Gap?


Ok I’m a newb at lifting, my bicep gap can feet 4 fingers easily but when I flex the gap is weird… It isn’t an empty gap… There is a muscle which is going from the left side of my right bicep which I think is the long head… And there also is something I don’t know on the right side of my right bicep in the gap. How to get rid of it? Wth is it?


Fix this :arrow_down:️:arrow_down:️:arrow_down:️

Spend 2 years on a good program and eat well. You won’t have a gap anymore.


I find that extremely hard to believe as Kai Greene lifted for god knows how many years and look at his bicep gap…
Anyway I’m not looking to get rid of the bicep gap… I quite like it but I want the gap to be actually an empty gap without lumps?


Post a photo of these lumps…

How old are you? I’m guessing 17.


Nice guess, I’m 17 :slight_smile:

Idk if it can be seen clearly as my eye is biased to see it but.
My friend has a similar arm size but he doesn’t even have the long head running down his gap.
Could it have something to do with only doing hammer curls and sometimes normal dumbbell curls? I can’t do the straight barbell curl because it hurts my forearms.


Is that your arm or kai greene?

Your right he did train for years and actual built some muscle without worrying about stupid things. You should try it some time, because from the above its your distinct lack of muscularity that would be my worry.

Work hard and give it time.


If you were in my place how long would you set yourself to get the arms to a good level of muscularity?
My chest is at a good level while my back, shoulders and arms are lacking.
I just wanted to know what the thing in the gap was and if bad, how to get rid of it.


You just need to build muscle that will either cover up whatever it is you think is the problem or will detract away from it

realistically you are looking years, even after 3 years solid training you may start having respectable arms but you probably still won’t be happy with them.

I receive complements about my arm development pretty regular, but to me I think they are a weak point and I would love them to be bigger. I think that’s just life!

Do plenty of heavy rows and back work in general and some isolation work also but without seeing your current physique or training routine it’s hard to really advise on what your plan should be.


Take a normal photo flexed and unflexed. It appears you took that photo in the most unfavorable way.

Does the gap disappear when you are flexed, but rotate your wrist?


looks like you have a short bicep belly.


I literally have no idea what that’s a picture of.

It’s your bicep. It’s entirely normal, it’s why you shouldn’t play around with bodybuilding poses unless you’re a bodybuilder. This “issue” doesn’t deserve any of the mental energy you’ve given it these last few days.

gap, no gap, gap, no gap, gap, no gap, gap, no gap.

[quote]My chest is at a good level while my back, shoulders and arms are lacking.
You left out a muscle group and I’m guessing it’s because you don’t train it/them.

You’re way too young and way too inexperienced to be physically unable to curl a straight barbell. I’d spend time addressing that instead of “the gap”.


You say you have no idea what the picture is of then you say its your bicep? Ok.
I was just talking about upperbody, my lowerbody is quite big.
I can do the barbell curl but I rather not because of pain in the forearm which doesn’t feel like normal soreness but more like pain in the bone so I do hammer curls instead and dumbell curls too sometimes.


Sarcasm, bruh.


How does EZ Bar feel?

Also, the video that Chris posted is exactly what I was trying to get you to look at. Rotating your wrist, while flexing your bicep will cause the muscle to contract differently.

And, I stand by my original statement; [quote=“dchris, post:2, topic:224305”]
Spend 2 years on a good program and eat well. You won’t have a gap anymore.

There is genetic differences in the tie in location. Similar to why not all six packs look the same.


When I said “It’s your bicep”, it wasn’t about the pic. I was referring to the part of your previous post:

My mistake for replying to sections of multiple posts out of order.

If I had a dollar for every time somebody wrote this, I’d have many, many dollars. If I had a dollar for every time it was true, I’d have about four bucks.

And like I said, there are zero reasons why you should have any kind of pain. Unless there’s a previous injury we haven’t heard about yet, your body should be able to curl a straight barbell without issue. It could be the case that 45 pounds is too heavy to start with. That’s a valid issue, of course. Hammer curls and dumbbell curls are fine.


this would be my guess.

Either that, or ‘pain’ means something different to him than me. I’ve heard some people describe the basic difficulty of lifting heavy things as pain.

That being said, if you don’t want to do straight bar curls, don’t do them. They’re not necessary at all. Any kind of curls will have essentially the same effect on bicep development. Don’t get caught up in long head/short head/ bicep gap/ lump nonsense. None of that stuff matters.


dude you get my most recent things-to-do email?


Ok thanks guys for the answers, I won’t worry about shit like this anymore until I train at least for 2 years and have some decent muscle on.


YES!! Dude that was extremely helpful, I appreciate it. I’ll send a response eventually. I forwarded it to my girlfriend/travel partner. Definitely not into the touristy type stuff, just looking to have a good time. So your advice was spot on.


de nada, mate! Hope you enjoy your trip


you can have shortened bicep genetics its normal