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Weird Ass Website

Check this site out. Tell the chicken what to do:

I’m really scared, man… really…

That may be the craziest thing I’ve ever fuckin seen. I told him to pop & lock and he did.

I told him to “Kill the White Man” and he gave me a tsk tsk move.

I told him to do a friggin’ pushup…and he did!!! Still laughing…

That is one fucked up site, boyz. I really don’t want to know how you found out about it, Tizokey!

his handstands are pretty weak though.

wow…asked him to poke his own eye…guess what?

He did.

I’m saddened to see you’re all so easily amused.

Ask him to lay an egg.

tell him to take the chicken suit off.

There are 300 known commands in the video databank that the chicken will “perform” on demand. Just thought you should know.

ps. Since you’re amused, go pay back the sponsors of the “ad” and buy a chicken sammich. Throw away the bun though, for you Atkins-types. Throw away the chicken, for you Vegans. Throw away the mayo, for you “save the Mayo’s” freaks.

So how does he respond so quick? Aren’t there like a million people doing this? It’s so funny

This is the most awesome website ever. I designed a bodyweight training program for him and made him go through all of it.

He wouldn’t break the TV


It seems like the commercials are banking on “the WTF factor”, started by the Quiznos chimps (or whatever the hell they are).

Is it just me, or does woman #2 look like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

he’ll kick it tho!!

This site is a wacky site…too funny what we are amused by here…i like it tho…

he’ll smoke pot too

also, ask him to pee on the couch - it’s hilarious

This sucks I asked him to jump six times and he bowed 3 times.

Stupid Chicken!!!