Weird Al Spoof

Big and burly. (ridin’ dirty…)

Three hundred pounds, I’m tall as a tree
Can you lift weights, my deads 1k3
my nutrition trips they aren’t free
drink up your soy, ill have an M1T
my legs never quiver, I have no subbordinate
just envy my back its quite proportionate
look at my anterior it is quite scary
don’t be jealous cuz you’re just a fairy
my quadriceps and hams are all separated
they say im on the juice. im oh so hated
they’re dumb as shit and oh so jaded
starin’ at my glutes which are striated
I tally up all my reps with a calculator
put em in a vault and I save em for later
my twitch fibres fire so fast they gonna start a riot
so amazing that it’ll start a diet
there isnt a track I haven’t ran
I arm wrestled the salten of shandalan
lifting heavy shit just for some kicks
I will not fuck the metros but i will do chicks
pumping iron is my favorite of all
I could sure kick your butt in a game of football
i’ll lift any barrel or bar you choose
im the ultimate male, win or lose