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Weights Workouts for Sprinting


I sprint 3 x pwk (Mon, Weds and Sat), but am looking for help designing weights routines to fit into 3 other days that week. I.e.

Mon- Sprint session
Tues- Weights session A
Weds- Sprint session
Thurs- OFF
Fri- Weights session B
Sat- Sprint session
Sun- Weights Session C
(next day OFF)

At present I'm trying an 'upper' session for A (sandwiched between 2 sprint days) and then a push-pull for B and C (surrounding a sprint session). My big problem is though that with the 3 x weekly sprint sessions my legs are like jelly and I'm worried that not only will heavy leg work be bad for my sprinting (legs will be even heavier, reduced recovery etc) but I won't be able to lift legs on those days!

So how would you design a program of weights for this template? More explosive lifts? Full body sessions?


I would definately look into keeping the weights and the sprinting on the same day. What I would do in your situation would be:

Monday: sprints, followed by lower body weights

Wednesday: sprints followed by upper body weights

Saturday: same as monday

I tried doing sprints and weights on separate days for a while and it was a steady decline into overtraining and injury.
Using the above method I made fantastic progress.
You really need full days off to recover from sprinting if you are going fast enough.