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Weights vs. Endurance


I just killed a fly out of midair with my bare hand on the first attempt. Let's see a marathoner do that. Supersonic hand speed is yet another benefit of weight training over endurance training. (Then again, it could have been the coffee I just finished.)Anyone else want to share a story like this?



Yeah but can you swat a sloth?

You must be too fast to swat a sloth. What if a sloth comes in and attacks your family? How do you feel now? Pretty useless huh? Exactly.

While you train to swat flies I'll train to fight the real threat: sloths.


Do our stories have to be as lame or can we post good ones?


I have one...no, wait...No I don't. Damn, I was so close that time.


Wow. The sloth argument right off the bat. Tri, couldn't you have started light with the snail, or the tortoise argument?

Sloths. That's hardcore.



I don't have the exact numbers on this but I am positive that 95% of marathoners could best a fly in life-or-death 1 on one combat.


Blasphemy! I challenge that assumption because I did it with one bare hand. A marathoner would need some gear (flyswatter, bug spray, etc.) and it would take more than one of them to use it.



I remember a long time ago when I was a kid and on a field trip (this was back in Taiwan) I once cut a fly with a pair of scissors, right in half where it landed. I don't know, maybe the fly was blind the Taiwanese flies are just retarted; but that was cool.


I once killed a mosquito when it flew into my eye. I credit Pavel for the Iron Eyelids workout. I bet runners get bugs in their eyes all the time, but I never heard of Jim Fixx doing anything like that.


i just wanted to post next to today's powerful image...did you ever see the netherlands?



Exactly! The marathoners would need gear to kill the fly. I compete RAW!



I killed a Spider last week in my attic. Does that count for anything? Probably not....