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Weights to Use for Complexes


Just wondering if anyone has any has any tips as to what kind of weight they use for complexes?

(ie Javorek Complex)


FIgure out a weight that you can do for 6 reps on your weakest exercise in the complex, then use that. That's why you want to keep big, compound movements (i.e. no curls), so you don't limit the weight used too much.


thanks buddy...have you or do you used complexes before?

what did you think?


Absolutely! I think they're one of the best conditioning tools! I usually do complexes on my de-load weeks or sometimes that's all that I would do for a month or two to change things up! They're tough as hell though! You can pretty much finish a workout in about 20-25 minutes, counting the time you need to spend on the floor catching your breath or trying to keep you lunch in your stomach!

Have fun and hit it hard!!


Unless you are Alpha, it is hard to do (at least for me) more than 135lbs on complexes. I actually stick to about 95lbs.


I would start with the bar on any complex and work my way up. The key is finding a weight that you can move quickly.


Thanks I'm gonna try it out this weekend...I'll let you guys know how it goes.


lol that's funny